• Products That Perform...

    Products That Perform...

    Dunham-Bush offers a wide selection of heating and cooling products suited to a vast array of applications

    Designed for practicality and longevity, built to perform exactly to your specification.
  • Fresh Air Is Smart Air...

    Fresh Air Is Smart Air...

    Find out how you can upgrade or replace existing equipment to introduce fresh air efficiently into the classroom...

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  • Dunham-Bush Classmaster

    Dunham-Bush Classmaster

    With nine chassis sizes and airflows ranging from 50 to 600l/s, the new Classmaster delivers the very highest standards of air quality to meet every classroom requirement.

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  • Dunham-Bush Fan Convectors

    Dunham-Bush Fan Convectors

    Ceiling mounted, wall mounted or concealed, Dunham-Bush Fan Convectors provide affordable, comfortable heating across a wide variety of applications

    An excellent choice for new building, retro-fit and refurbishment projects.

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  • Dunham-Bush Fan Coil Units

    Dunham-Bush Fan Coil Units

    Air volume, low noise and budget constraints are all catered for by our extensive range of high performance fan coil units.

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  • Dunham-Bush Radiant Panels

    Dunham-Bush Radiant Panels

    Our radiant panels are both innovative and discrete. Ceiling and wall mounted heating suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

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  • Dunham-Bush LST Radiators

    Dunham-Bush LST Radiators

    Our LST Radiators are designed to provide comfort heating in applications where safety is paramount.

    A totally enclosed heat emitter with inlet and outlet grilles conforms to BS EN 442 & NHS Guidelines.

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  • Dunham-Bush Trench Heating

    Dunham-Bush Trench Heating

    Our Trench Heating system provides a warm air curtain off-setting down draughts and heat loss

    Silent, low maintenance and discrete, it's contemporary design complements any environment.

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  • Dunham-Bush Finvector

    Dunham-Bush Finvector

    Silent and low maintenance, our Finvector range is a natural convective perimeter heating system, made to order to any casing size and architectural layout.

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  • Our Products & Covid-19...

    Our Products & Covid-19...

    Technologies are emerging which are being considered to mitigate or minimise the risks; some of these are being proposed for inclusion in HVAC systems...

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