About Us

Based in Hampshire on the south coast of England, Dunham-Bush Limited are specialists in the design and manufacture of an impressive range of Chillers, Fan Convectors, Fancoils, Radiant Panels and Trench perimeter heating for a vast array of applications, specialising in commercial, institutional, medical and industrial environments.

Products specifically suited to secure institutional areas and those where safety are paramount also form part of our impressive product portfolio.

Airports, hospitals, schools, colleges, factories, offices, shops and warehouses - wherever you may be there is a good chance that you have been kept comfortable by our products.

Our expertise does not end there however, we have a fully trained and highly competent team of skilled service engineers capable of maintaining and servicing HVAC equipment.

Dunham-Bush UK is part of a global group of companies, designing, building and servicing heating and cooling equipment on a worldwide scale.

Dunham-Bush Head Office, Havant, UK
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