Radiant Panels
Innovative and discrete ceiling and wall mounted heating produced in three variants and suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional applications including hospitals, school classrooms, assembly halls, residential care homes, offices, aircraft hangers, garages, factories and spray booths.
Ceiling or wall mounted industrial strength panels, particularly suitable for heating large, open plan structures. Applications which usually fall within these parameters are, aircraft hangers, railway locomotive maintenance buildings, bus garages and many types of medium and light factory buildings.
Radiant heating panel system for applications where heat-output demand requires a cost-effective solution. It realises a simple yet innovative design, utilising basic materials with proven manufacturing techniques. The superior product finish is complemented by lightweight construction and simple installation
Aesthetically pleasing, radiant panel heating suitable for a wide range of applications particularly, but not exclusively, hospitals and educational establishments. The range consists of one, two, four and six tube panels in nominal lengths of 600mm to 3000mm, and in various tube configurations.